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garden issues

Category: Garden @ ECO | Posted: Wed May 16, 2007 6:44 pm

as promised from yesterday i have taken some photos to address my issues in the garden this year .
first ill show you how the cauliflower is coming along, i do not think it will mature at all this year, remember i lost 20 of 24 from the late freeze this year.
some is alive but not doing anything really..

my real concern this year however has been my tomato and peppers. i start my own seeds, they are well over a month old and very small , very yellow and sickly,

as you can see the one in the foreground above it nice an the one behind is a lil droopy

tomatillos are also in bad shape

this next shot if of my remaining peppers

these too are well over a month old and not ready .
this is my mainstay for my garden to make salsa and tomato sauce, this will be a hard pill to swallow if they fail.
so my early hypothesis is that i have bad soil. i bought a cheap potting mix. DON'T do it!!! i think it may be acidic and locking up nutrients.. i watered the remaining peppers with a mix of fish emulsion (SUPER STINKY) today. to see if i can help them along. the tomatillos and tomatoes i planted at that really small size, to see if they do better in my soil which i know is at least more balanced, due to my soil report this year. i hope they kick in and do well. i am babying them so they make it in the soil that early.
now for a lighter entry, the FUN STuff
here is my giant pumpkin mound

this is one of my best raddichio plants i love watching it grow, its pretty

i have been eating out of the lettuce patch all week!!!!

here is an overview of the spring section, beets, snap peas, carrots, lettuces

here is a better look at the beets and carrots, i hope to eat some this next week or two, not really ready...just yet... patience grasshopper!!!

i planted watermelon and my second corn plating this past weekend
corn patch here, first planting 2.5 weeks old, new planting 3 days old

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Gardenstew wrote on Wed May 16, 2007 7:15 pm:

Sorry to hear about the issues Todd. I suppose the worst thing is that you have no clear villain to pin the blame on. But more than likely it is the soil. Are you going to test it maybe?

Be careful you don't turn into a rabbit with all that lettuce consumption.


Todddumke1 wrote on Wed May 16, 2007 7:23 pm:

it comes with the territory. if it was that easy, everyone would garden... no i won't test the soil. If they recover then I'll know if they don't or don't do well i may have ot investigate the seed compnay to see if i got a bad batch or some sort of fugus or diseae on the seed them selves.


Gardenstew wrote on Wed May 16, 2007 7:38 pm:

Wanted to add: hope the peppers come through. I don't know why but there always seems to a bond between man and pepper, the hotter the better. I know I love them to bits.


eileen wrote on Wed May 16, 2007 9:08 pm:

Although it's always disappointing to have failures in the garden it's also heartening to see so much growing so well too. I haven't had much sucess this year with my peppers or outdoor tomato plants - probably been far too dry for them. I have some indoor tomatoes though that are already budding up.

As you say, if gardening was that simple everyone would garden...but they'd probably get bored stiff doing it if all the plants grew exactly as they should every time.

Thanks for sharing your garden with us Todd.

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