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ADVENTures for the Holidays.

Category: A day in my life | Posted: Sun Nov 27, 2011 9:25 pm

A little TLC. This weekend of Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I used to say that no one can commercialize this holiday, as how can one commercialize being thankful for what we have, food and family and friends, and always remembering to look around for friends to invite that may not have close family around, either because they have passed on or are too distant. But looking at the pictures of the cold, tent people camped out in the rain, in deserted parking lots, on Thanksgiving night,waiting for the malls to open, I realize that people can be fools, and our commercialism culture can be very addicting. When I was little, we did go as a family to the big city to do Christmas shopping on the weekend after Thanksgiving. I remember the stores full of lights, Nativity Scenes, Santa Claus, but it seemed gentler somehow. There was no "Black" in the newspapers or in the adds, but "lights." Tradition since marriage and children is to go skiing if the snow permits, celebrating a new season with old friends that we see only in the wintertime.

Today will be a day of Lights for us, though it is raining. Hot turkey soup, homemade bread will warm us up after the outdoor christmas lights are put up, at least a few so that anyone driving by will be cheered in the dark and rain. I am finishing up putting away the Thanksgiving decorations, my Beanie Baby Turkey and other gifts given or made by my children, the fall leaves, the cornucopias, the Pilgrims and Indians that have have been well used over the years.

Also we are setting out the Candles, the first decorations for ADVENT, preparing for Christmas. I love the Advent wreath, and today is the first Sunday of Advent, so was making the wreath. I started reading about this time of preparation, and finding out how to continue in my obstinate, contrarian way against commercialism. (I am not against commerce, just the worship of it) Each candle represents, in order, Hope, Peace, Joy, Love and Christ. Yeah! Even in this Shadow of Commercialism, I can now celebrate a few more things. Hope, well there may be a lot of hope from the big retailers on that one, but Peace, Joy, Love are going to be a good counterpoint. Christmas will still be special with those prayers and meditations each year.

Advent wreath ( photo / image / picture from Karrma's Garden )

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Cayuga Morning wrote on Sun Dec 04, 2011 4:37 pm:

Karma--I really like this blog, and I do so agree with you. Elsewhere on Gardenstew I have spoken of my brother's joke of wishing for a "Holiday Integrity Act" in which advertising for one holiday cannot start until the preceeding holiday has passed. But you have said it better!


Tooty2shoes wrote on Mon Jan 02, 2012 12:51 am:

I agree with you. Your advent wreath is really pretty. A lot of church's don't celebrate Advent. I think they miss a great tradition and message.

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