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5/9/12: Having A Great Day!!!
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5/9/12: Having A Great Day!!!

Category: Garden In Action (2012) | Posted: Wed May 09, 2012 4:58 pm

Good Afternoon Everyone!! I'm so excited. I have a cucumber blossom today!! I have green beans about a half inch long but something's eating my leaves. Everything is growing so nicely. I do see that I really really need to pot those other tomatoes and peppers because they are really tall now. I'm just so proud of the babies. To watch them grow has been so rewarding for me already and I haven't even tasted the first anything from back there...LOL!!! My co-worker just told me that I am having so much fun this year with the plants. I'm sitting here at my desk surrounded by papers and I'm smiling because my background on the puter has a shot that i took this morning of the yellow hibiscus and it takes me to another of peace and calm. That's what gardening is all about to me..peace and calm. Having a Great Day!!!

5-9-12 First Blossom ( photo / image / picture from hummerbum's Garden )

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gaila wrote on Thu May 10, 2012 1:22 pm:

I love cucumers!- can't grow them, because my doggies will dig them up. Just now they have learned to leave my flowers alone. Happy Gardening!

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