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Posted: 23 Apr 2012

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The Advantages of Building a Backyard Greenhouse

Category: Greenhouse | Posted: Mon Apr 23, 2012 7:00 am

Ever wondered what a greenhouse actually does? If you are an avid gardener, then chances are you have thought about getting a backyard greenhouse but did not think it was affordable or necessary. A greenhouse is an enclosure made from either plastic or glass, which lets the sunlight in. When the sunlight enters the greenhouse through the glass, the short-wave radiation goes through a chemical change and quickly becomes a long-wave radiation. The long-wave radiation is not able to go back out through the glass, keeping it trapped in the greenhouse.

So why would you want to keep the sunlight in? Sunlight is the backbone of photosynthesis and is healthy for plants and vegetables. Without adequate sunlight, plants will not be able to properly grow. So keeping the sunlight in is perfect for places around the world that do not get enough light to grow vegetables such as tomatoes or chilli peppers. With a greenhouse you can now grow whatever you want in any area around the country.

In addition, a greenhouse will let you control the environment of your garden. You will be able to keep all annoying animals such as stray cats, dogs and rodents off your garden and save your crops. Why not put healthy bugs in your garden that do not eat your food but instead kill off other harmful insects that get in. Certain types of spiders are harmless and have been known to kill off troublesome insects quickly and efficiently in gardens.

Now this all seems great right? You may think that building a greenhouse requires a lot of time, backyard space and money. However, contrary to popular belief, you do not. A growing trend among gardeners is the development of the PVC greenhouse, made from PVC pipping. Because PVC is a durable plastic, it is very cheap and lightweight. These PVC pipes connect to each other easily to make for a fast build. If you do not have much backyard space, why not build a smaller, portable greenhouse that you can move when you need your backyard space.

Greenhouses are great, but if you are considering building one, you should probably find only the best professional greenhouse plans from the internet. There are all sorts of plans ranging from PVC to wood to small greenhouse plans. So to ensure you don't end up building a greenhouse that collapses on your garden, remember to find good greenhouse plans.

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tschnath wrote on Mon Apr 23, 2012 12:33 pm:

What great information PL, thanks. My dream is to one day have a small greenhouse. Really appreciate all the details you've posted.

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