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been rock hunting and different plant findings
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got my pvc pipe planters
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hit the plant morgue again yesterday

Category: beauty is in the eye of the beholder | Posted: Wed Jun 13, 2012 11:03 am

came home with a bunch of plants repotted them last night also found a quart of reduced clear finish for my woodworking stuff for 2.75 and was usually about 10.00 me and miss taffy had a good time she helped me pick out the flowers lol got a nice fern that looked on it's very last legs brought it home and watered it very good and is looking good this morning will put it in my new plant chair I am making now got a few they are called crotons they are inside plants oh yeah only paid .50 for the fern also sat planted 4 pots of morning glory seeds and they are already up about an inch I am so tickled now have to find them a good climbing thing to put them on we do not have an outside faucet so bought a piece to go on bathroom sink and hooked a hose up so now I can water when we have no rain yayyyyyyy good investment thats all that is new here will get pics today have a green thumb day everyone

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