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Holy Moly!

Category: Mangoman's Blog | Posted: Fri Mar 28, 2014 4:09 pm

I just looked and I haven't commented on my blog since last July. This winter in southern Delaware has been unbearable. We had two nights of subzero temperatures, way too much damn snow, and it doesn't look like spring is going to arrive soon. My liriopes, camelias, and euphorbias look like burnt toast. I have cut them all back to the ground. I think they will survive. Crocus, daffodills, narcissus are popping up as well as the hellebores. I haven't started any seeds yet and possibly won't. Last year I planted hot pepper seeds directly in the raised pots and they caught up to the ones I had started indoors. I don't think I will grow tomatoes this year.There isn't enough sun to warrant the space and time it takes me to keep staking them. Mine will grow 10' tall and spread out maybe 2-3'. I need a 10' ladder to keep them inside the frames I use. I think I will plant more eggplant, carrots, and beets. I have planted about 30 strawberry plants that my youngest son gave me. We'll see how they perform. More to come, soon, I hope. Peace

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