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Posted: 19 Aug 2014
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Posted: 10 Aug 2014

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Some setbacks, and some progress.

Category: Adventures in Gardening | Posted: Tue Aug 19, 2014 12:39 am

The last time I updated our garden was doing pretty well, and plants were coming along nicely. I was so excited that my zucchini plant had survived and we even had a couple of zucchini coming. Then the little black bugs appeared on my watermelon, and we entered the Black Phase of the Garden.

I will be the first to admit that I am not good at following directions. In fact, I'm terrible most of the time, and I know for sure that this was one of those times. I found a recipe for aphid/black bug spray and made some up for the garden, and then I went to town protecting the watermelon. Amazingly, the watermelon survived, somewhat, although we've lost some leaves and the dang aphids are back. We DO have three watermelon coming though, see:

watermelon! 8.17.14 ( photo / image / picture from WeeGreenSheepie's Garden )

That's the two I'm really excited about, I found the other one tonight when I was out weeding and sorting out stuff. I was able to move more of the watermelon over as the zucchini finally gave up the ghost. The bigger zucchini was torn up by a bird, and when I went to gently pull it off (all withered and sad, sigh), most of the plant came with it. It looked absolutely terrible, too; as we just had a pretty wet day, and it had been watered not too long before that, I think it just drowned. :( Well, we'll have better luck next year, as I'll be a bit more careful with them. Funny how our neighbors had zucchini too, didn't do a thing for them and their plants had enormous zucchini! So jealous!

I've got many more positives, though, so while disappointed in my zukes, I'm immensely proud and excited about my peppers and tomatoes. The tomatoes are coming along slowly but surely, but my banana peppers? The plant is EXPLODING with peppers! I counted 25 tonight that are various shapes and sizes, and there are at least a dozen more about to start. Yay! I love banana peppers! They like to hide under their leaves, but I managed to get one pic of some of them:

banana peppers 8.17.14 ( photo / image / picture from WeeGreenSheepie's Garden )

YUM! :D My bell peppers are coming along too, there are four of them growing right now and I'm hoping they come to full fruit:

green bell peppers (so far) 8.17.14 ( photo / image / picture from WeeGreenSheepie's Garden )

And then I saw our very first ladybug, sitting on our watermelon vine. I was so happy to see him, and I told him that he and his little friends are more than welcome in our garden, there are plenty of aphids to go around:

Ladybug! 8.17.14 ( photo / image / picture from WeeGreenSheepie's Garden )

I think next year I will import some ladybugs, if they don't show up on their own. I will hopefully have some good progress in the next couple of weeks - happy gardening, everyone! :)

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Frank wrote on Tue Aug 19, 2014 10:06 am:

There is much more progress than setback! Nice to read your blog entry WGS.

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