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Lunch in Herne Bay

Category: The County of Kent and Beyond | Posted: Fri Aug 05, 2016 7:07 pm

As I already said in the 'Good Day' thread; Some say TGIF; I say 'what day is it'? The trouble with having been retired for many years you really DO forget what day it is :)
Anyhow, nice sunny day so we went off for the short car trip to the North Kent Coast at Herne Bay. This town was once popular with Victorians and Edwardians. It boasted the second longest pier in Britain at about three quarters of a mile. This was necessary due to the very shallow water at low tide and there needed to be enough water for the paddle steamers that called from London to the end of the pier. As a teenager I would go roller skating in the pier pavilion with a group of pals. Sadly the pier was damaged and not repaired. The Pier Pavilion was removed and replaced with a range of craft shacks and a childrens amusements at the end of the remaining shore end structure. The pier head stands in a derelict state three quarters of a mile off the beach.
Herne Bay is now well down as a holiday destination but still a pleasant enough place to live.
We took a short walk alomg the prom and then had a meze lunch in a Turkish restaurant that looks out to sea. Home by mid afternoon and a couple of hours relaxing in the sun on our patio.
Now remind me again.....What day is it. ;-)

The promenade looking east ( photo / image / picture from Raddang's Garden )

A wide view with the childrens amusements and out to sea, the derelict pier head ( photo / image / picture from Raddang's Garden )

The childrens helter skelter ( photo / image / picture from Raddang's Garden )

( photo / image / picture from Raddang's Garden )

Like having lunch in a flower garden ;-) ( photo / image / picture from Raddang's Garden )

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Islandlife wrote on Fri Aug 05, 2016 7:23 pm:

WOW the flowers around the eating area definitely are like having lunch in a garden. They're super lush and lovely. The children's Helter Skelter looks interesting too. BIG slide. My grandkids would love it ;)


Henry Johnson wrote on Sat Aug 06, 2016 5:23 pm:

Great pics, Raddang; that pier head appears to be a pretty good fishing spot..

Raddang wrote on Sat Aug 06, 2016 7:25 pm:

@Henry Johnson I am sure it would Hank. Maybe a little business opportunity for someone. ;-)

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