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Taking pictures

Category: My Occasional Daily Diary | Posted: Sun Aug 28, 2016 4:06 pm

I never go anywhere without a camera. My mobile phone is capable of taking very good pictures but most times I prefer to use a 'Proper' camera. I have a selection of three that I use, nothing super expensive; a compact with a short zoom; a DSLR with lenses up to 300mm and a bridge camera with a zoom up to 1000mm.
Hardly a day goes by when I don't find something to 'snap' and as a consequence I have tens of thousands of pictures in my digital library.
Yesterday afternoon I was sitting out on the patio in the warm sun, camera to hand, hoping that some interesting birds would visit my bird feeding station.

My new bird feeding station ( photo / image / picture from Raddang's Garden )

I think the birds must have all gone on holiday because there were only a few around. No wrens, no bluetits or great tits, no chaffinch or siskin. Just house sparrows, new robins, collared doves and wood pigeons. As I have said, seldom a day passes when I don't get a snap so I just kept a few to include here.


Male and female house sparrow ( photo / image / picture from Raddang's Garden )

This years robin chick having first moult to show his red breast ( photo / image / picture from Raddang's Garden )

One of many collared doves that become quite tame ( photo / image / picture from Raddang's Garden )

Woodpigeons know where to find some food ( photo / image / picture from Raddang's Garden )

Perhaps many have found a garden with a better larder

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Islandlife wrote on Tue Aug 30, 2016 8:37 pm:

Quite like the photo of your collared dove. Has a lovely colour to it. The pair of sparrows is a good one too.

I'm not seeing very many birds out there right now either. Not sure if they've all finished raising the yearly brood and so are off on hols ;) or if they've all gone somewhere else or what.

The marsh behind me last summer was alive with birds. Last spring this year all the geese just disappeared overnight and I'm not seeing any ducks either so a thick layer of algae or seaweed has developed on all the open water. Overall the back marsh is pretty dull looking. I was hoping the City would cut down some of the brush so I could get closer to the water and get a better view but they have done nothing.

Like your feeder! :) I just cemented in another post that will hold (I think) a bird house as I already have 1 feeder up there. Will see :) :)

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