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Is my day Mother's Day or what?

Category: miscellaneous | Posted: Tue May 06, 2008 5:19 am

O.k., I've been dropping hints all over the place. I have pointed and made suggestions, of which any bright stone could sum up, would make mother a wonderful Mother's day gift (all in the theme of gardening).

I don't know, maybe my family is too young yet to expect the WOW garden gift. I have heard hints of what the family wants me to make for the Mother's Day picnic that my oldest niece invited me to. I was invited, then told to make the menu (not going to happen).

I use to have the pre-school and elementary gifts that I enjoyed and have stashed in safe places. But I think my family should high tail it to a garden nusery and make some large auspicious purchase for me on "MY MOTHER'S DAY" and I should not feel guilty for wanting a new plant or a large colorful 'garden junk' item.

Then I remember what the day is all about. That saintly self-giving, self-denying, self-sacrificing person who would not grubbily snatch a gift (plant) from a child's hand and run to the garden salivating trying to find the ideal spot to plant it in. Oh, yes, taking pictures to post on garden stew, and watch as the sun sets on the loveliest present anyone could hope for. Yes, now you know the real me. I CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH OF PLANTS. And my masterful plan is to have all of my family, trained in adulthood, to buy me stuff for my garden on Mother's Day.

Wish me luck in my fiendish plan, and hope that I remember what the day is really about: The joy of hearing my kids say "Happy Mother's day Mom!" And a peck on the cheek from my husband as he joins in to say love you mom.

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Droopy wrote on Tue May 06, 2008 7:33 am:

Good luck with your Mother's Day celebrations. There's no more precious gift than a bunch of flowers and a wet kiss from the small ones. I wish for that every year. But of course, a new plant or two would be nice...


eileen wrote on Tue May 06, 2008 10:35 am:

Well MY fiendish plan didn't work!! I thought (stupidly) reverse psychology woud do the trick so I told my lot (all adults now) not to bother giving me the longed for plants and seeds I craved for. Well ..... for the first time, ever, they actually listened to me and I didn't get a single plant or seed from any of them!!! Sob sob.

However my daughter took me out for lunch (I paid of course) and they all got me nice crafty stuff to play with. I can't complain really as they all remembered the day. Those plants and seeds wil just have to wait until my birthday!! LOL

Best of luck with your plan but it's nice just to have the kids around on Mother's Day and show that they appreciate you.

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