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Never Trust A 2 Year Old

Category: My First Year Gardening | Posted: Tue Feb 19, 2008 10:39 pm

So I'm sitting here looking over my seed options for this year and am so excited to be planning my first veggie/fruit/berry garden this year! (With help from my non-blonde hubby of course..cant have 2 blondes on one project can we?...) So, I'm incredibly happy to be a stay at home Mom, and thrilled even more that today went smoothly (minus the broken bowl with spilled applesauce and cottage cheese that my 2 year old daughter Hailey loves to eat) so far! I'm so proud of myself for actually reading and studying a topic like gardening instead of diving right in and learning later as I am known to do! Ouch..yeah..that doesnt always work.. ANyway... So my Java Finches are in the back ground mating and chirping and all is good with the world..or so I thought! I start smelling this 'baby scent' and look down..sniffing...wondering where this lovely scent came from.. Aargh!!! My daughter decided..hmm. Guess I'll 'borrow' some lotion today, that sure sounds nice. So, she *quietly* tip toes in here (the office) with her sister's pencil box, and fills it PLUMB FULL of baby lotion! I notice she didnt forget to put a blob of it in her blonde curls or the dab on her lip. She didnt forget to drown her hands in it and make cute lil handprints on the carpet. And of course she didnt forget to look at me with those big baby blues and smile!! Of all things! Like she's irresistable or something! (thinking she learned that from her big sis too) I have scented, painted, and slimy carpet and no one to clean it up except for...ME! Guess thats what Mom's are for =) Sometimes I suppose I dont mind since I got a dose of laughter for the day, but wow they sure do keep you busy!

So, back last fall when we were thinking, hmm, a garden sure sounds nice... I didnt know that discussion would lead to all this mess.. but it's kinda funny and cute anyway ;) =P =D

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eileen wrote on Tue Feb 19, 2008 11:46 pm:

Oh your blog entry really made me smile and takes me back to when my kids were young!! I remember a time when my eldest lad, Duncan (now 35 years old) was quietly playing in the kitchen. I was busy hanging curtains in the living room with my back to him and he was chortling away to himself. I stupidly thought ....awww he's such a happy little chap playing with his building blocks .... wrong!! He had managed to open a cupboard and the fridge and was gleefully spreading sugar, salt and flour into the ten broken eggs he'd found. Never, ever again have I had carpet in my kitchen. Mind you he has turned out to be quite good at making cakes. LOL


Sapphire wrote on Wed Feb 20, 2008 12:53 am:

LOL!! Wow, he sounds like he was very much a happy baby ;) I know Hailey would be if she only had that chance! Just hoping I never give it to her..hehe.. Ahh mom stories.. Lots to savor =)


glendann wrote on Wed Feb 20, 2008 3:06 am:

:) My son Kevin 3 yrs old then (now 36 yrs) run with his dog between my house here in the country and my moms. One day Richard (his dog) found a skunk and Kevin was down wind from them .We buried his clothes put him in a tub outside scrubbed him down with tooth paste which didn't help .Them poured tomoto juice over him and scrubbed him with that.It worked thank goodness.I thought I might have to throw him away :)


Droopy wrote on Wed Feb 20, 2008 7:58 am:

:LOL: Such cute stories! I'm glad you laughed, Sapphire. What else can one do? I've had perfumed mirrors, lip stick decorated bathroom interior, milk washed cupboard doors, and a big cocoa/oatmeal-mix-stain in the middle of the dining room rug. All events are dear memories.


Palm Tree wrote on Wed Feb 20, 2008 8:37 am:

What can you do but laugh and love them more. I also remember Ian my son about 4 years old (now 23)actually making himself comfortable in a cupboard and wanting to sample everything that he could open. When I think back it is only with love. THanks for writing this blog it really made me smile and relive those wonderful times.


Sapphire wrote on Fri Feb 22, 2008 3:06 am:

I love everyones stories! Helps me to know all this is worth being a stay at home Mom for =P I sure wouldnt want anyone else to have these memories to look back on! I have truely been blessed with the option to be my kids' mom ;) Thanks for laughing with me =D

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