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5-21-08 Garden Notes

Category: 2008 Summer Garden Experiement | Posted: Thu May 22, 2008 2:25 am

I watered my plants today....they are looking pretty good. The Sunsugar tomato plan is about 2 feet tall or so. I have put a post on up when to pinch the top. I will have to see what everyone thinks.
I also went to Farm & Home supply (local farming/gardening type store), and purchased a hoe and a hard rake to start in on my little section of yard for transplanting.
Also under the advice of Sjoerd, I purchased a soil test kit, which I plan to start with in the next day or two, since I am hoping to do my transplanting either this weekend or next weekend.
I also looked at the "Arbor Day Foundation" website and found a couple of possible shrubs to purchase for hedging at a future date.
Prospects are Privet, North and Arborvitae, American. Weren't too expensive, but need to do a bit more research on these to see if they might work as a really tight hedge...almost like a fence.
Also checked at the store for snapdragons, but did not find any. I will need to look again, maybe this weekend, at some other places and see if anyone has any left.

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