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Posted: 17 Jun 2006

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Greeting and Salutations form the Swisster

Category: My Big Baby Boy ~ Bye | Posted: Sat Jun 17, 2006 8:11 pm

Zebo Zydeco Crodile Smile: Sept 24, 1998 to June 13th 2006.

Zebo was the kewlest dog. I never saw another dog watch animals on TV so animatedly . What was different though is that Zebo also liked cooking shows and he would even drool. Maybe he was thinking of me cooking at the stove and giving him tastes.

A homeless young man had Zebo first but he couldn't really take care of him. A friend convinced him to give him up and then he checked with us to see if we would like him. Hamish brought him to us one cold January wrapped in his jacket. Our friend and his wife called him Hoo Ha. He was still Hoo Ha to us at times although we gave him the name Zebo. My ex wanted him to impress a girl. Kind of sad but it became worth it; because we got Zebo when he left.

Zebo loved me almost as I loved him. He constantly followed me everywhere I went. The only time he would leave my side is when I vacuumed or mowed the lawn. He hated funky loud noises. He would tremble at thunder and fireworks. He looked like a big tough dog, half Rottweiler and half German Shepard, but he was a bit of a wuss. He was protective though and bit a guy in the hand once when he stuck it in my car... (I warned him!)

He also loved to play pull on my sleeves. When he was younger I had so many shirts I had to trim the sleeves off. He also had a thing for chickens and would occasionally get in and chase my fowl, duck and geese too. He knew he was in trouble when I called him and would hesitantly come back to me.

Zebo's coat was a lot like a Shepard's with the color of the Rotti. In spite of this warm exterior he still hated rain and the cold. He would hold his pee all day rather than go out in bad weather. You could groom Zebo for hours and he would still be hairy. As he grew a bit older he was brown, black, white and grey.

Zebo was one couch potato. He didn't get excited or peppy too often. When he did play, he had a heart of a puppy. He loved to chew on big bones for hours. He loved his tummy scratched and would growl with contentment. He loved my son, Sandy and my sister too. They loved him as well. He would look forward to long grooming sessions with Shirley and just plain loving and petting from Sandy.

The thing I will remember about Zebo forever if those eyes. That dog could tell you so much with those eyes. He would give you a big happy smile, or a sad mournful look, or even a big pout when he knew you were leaving. He had sideways looks, over the shoulder looks; stare right into your eyes looks.

I can not imagine ever finding that unconditional love that I got from Zebo, he loved me to the end when after a bout with bone cancer and his chest and leg had swollen three times their normal size I knew we had to find him the peace he deserved. My selfish wish to keep him longer had to be put aside. Zebo needed to cross the rainbow bridge and run freely again.

He laid him on a favorite quilt and the vet came to the house. Zebo went off quietly and so fast. He will be loved and missed forever. He will always be in our hearts. We will remember him on the couch, wagging his stubby tail, drooling at a cooking show and giving us that happy smile.

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dooley wrote on Sat Jun 17, 2006 10:06 pm:

Dogs do love unconditionally, even when you are hollering at them for chewing something not good for them. I love the expressions they get on their face sometimes. We always know what Chance is thinking. We are sorry for your loss. Dooley and DR


Gardenstew wrote on Sat Jun 17, 2006 10:15 pm:

Aww Swiss what a sad story. It sounds like you absolutely adored Zebo more than any pet that came before. Dogs are my favourite pets because they love so unconditionally. If you have any photos of Zebo we would love to see them. Sorry you had to put him down but it was for the best.


Desert Rat wrote on Sat Jun 17, 2006 10:21 pm:

You are a good writer. Your writing shows style and soul. When your reader can feel what you are saying, then you have done your job. Thank you for sharing Zebo with us. DR


Gardenstew wrote on Sat Jun 17, 2006 11:15 pm:

I agree whole-heartedly DR.


wannabe wrote on Sun Jun 18, 2006 2:40 am:

We have had dogs in our home over the years and it hard when you have to put one down.
I enjoyed your story about Zebo.

aloes wrote on Sat Nov 18, 2006 1:47 pm:

That was the best blog I read in a long time. I laughed loud, felt sad and a whole lot of other emotions in such a short story. For one thing I did not stop reading until the end and then I fetched Rudi to read it too.
thank you.

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