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Sanctuary for me

Category: Just stuff | Posted: Thu Sep 17, 2009 9:40 pm

Labor of Love Sanctuary ( photo / image / picture from Newfpaws's Garden )

So I finally figured out how to insert photos into the post itself. I will get there I promise.

The picture above was taken July 13th. This is around my gazebo which my husband (who is not a carpenter) built from scratch with no plans. I love it!

The other picture is of one of our gardens in August.

It did very well. Discovered value of neighbors goat poop!!!

We did good this year. ( photo / image / picture from Newfpaws's Garden )

Just another view.

Waterfall and cross area ( photo / image / picture from Newfpaws's Garden )

Thanks all - later.

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eileen wrote on Thu Sep 17, 2009 11:24 pm:

What a great job your husband did especially considering he had no plans to work from.

You have a lovely garden and it's so lush - must be the goat poo. LOL I love the waterfall area.


petunia wrote on Fri Sep 18, 2009 12:30 am:

your garden looks like it did very well. Your waterfall area is very pretty.


daisybeans wrote on Fri Sep 18, 2009 1:34 am:

It's beautiful. I would love to sit and relax there in the gazebo. Gorgeous rocks -- are they from your property?


Jewell2009 wrote on Fri Sep 18, 2009 3:41 am:

I love your rock and waterfall area. What a wonderful area to rest and relax. Your garden looks like it produced a lot for you this year.
Your hubby is quite talented...I know a place or two that would hire him. :)


gardengater wrote on Fri Sep 18, 2009 1:10 pm:

Your garden is very lovely and serene. I hope you enjoyed many fruits of your veg garden and many peaceful hours in the gazebo.


kaseylib wrote on Sun Oct 04, 2009 10:08 pm:

Beautiful garden, love how you landscaped with your boulders. Looks natural.

We're on our third Newf and love every pound of him!!! He's 9 now and not as chipper, but still smiles every day. We're a 3-dog household now, and also have a Golden Retriever and a new rescue dog who's a Golden Doodle (her Mom was rescued from a puppy mill).


Newfpaws wrote on Sun Oct 04, 2009 10:14 pm:

Thank you. Boulders were there when we moved here. We just added a few smaller rocks to fill in. This will eventually have a waterfall through it.

I will never have another dog other than a Newfie. We are expecting puppies at the end of the month. So excited. If you go to you can see pics of them. They are beautiful. I haven't updated that blog for awhile. Winter is quick approaching and I intend to get all updated.

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