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Almost there...

Category: Vegetable Gardening | Posted: Mon Apr 28, 2014 12:29 pm

If the weather forecast is correct... ahem... I should be able to plant next weekend. Finally!
I also jabbed my thermometer into the ground and it is almost 50 degrees. Closer...

We have built our raised bed, but we found out that the compost we were planning on using isn't that trustworthy. I've been told to spread it at the end of the season and let the rains clean out any possible pesticides and weed killers that may be mixed in. Now what?! What will we do for this season?! We may just dig up some soil from one part of our yard and cart it over to our raised bed and use the hole we make as a compost ditch. We will probably still have to supplement it with store-bought soil. Ugh, more drama and more money spent. I hope we can get it right next year. Meanwhile, we will go pick up some chicken manure to help make the soil we dig up more nutritious.

I know that we learn from our mistakes, but it is frustrating when I do so much research and planning, and my mistakes are all soil related. I guess that isn't so bad, but really, what can you do with out good soil? How much compost can only two people make? Besides, until I start getting food from the garden, there won't be much of any compost at all since we are eating canned and frozen veggies. There aren't any scraps to throw away.

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Green Fingers wrote on Mon Apr 28, 2014 1:42 pm:

I hear you! It is a vicious cycle; we go through it every spring. This year we are making compost with grass clippings and fall leaves and the goal is not to spend any money on compost next spring... fingers crossed :D


Beeker wrote on Tue Apr 29, 2014 1:49 pm:

After my rant yesterday, I went for a walk and found some people I knew were also into gardening and asked them what they would do in my situation. They quickly brainstormed and found me a place where I can buy topsoil, have it delivered, and fill the bed. It won't be as nutritious as the compost, but I can amend it. At least I know what must be done this time. Weather permitting, it will be delivered on Thursday. That will give me Saturday to get everything in the ground. I will be somewhat back on schedule; a little bit behind, but hopefully not too bad.
I hate the idea of spending the money, but calculating that we need at least 1.5 cubic yards, we won't be able to dig that much up. We will get our own compost started for next year, and I'll be ready to order compost from the town at the end of this year's season.
I'll get it straight eventually.

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