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Possible challenges this season for me..

Category: Numb's Garden Life | Posted: Fri Apr 10, 2009 3:39 pm

i have been picking up seeds from the garden stores and have also kept seeds over the past few years so i have a rough idea of what im going to grow.

Here is a list of what i probably will be trying..
i might not get to all of them as im not sure about the time of season for planting some of this stuff. I also will be growing in the ground and in containers.


Delicious - grown before
Better Boy - grown before
Trip-L-Crop - grown before
Jelly Bean
Early Girl
Jubilee - grown before
Roma - grown before
Big Boy - grown before
Super Boy
Beef Master
Lemon Boy - grown before
Mr.Stripey - grown before

Other Stuff

Radish (red emperor)- grown before but diff type.
Squash (summer straightneck) - grown before
Cucumber (straight 8) - grown before
Cucumber (smr '58) - grown before
Broccoli (green sprouting)
Cantaloupe (golden delicious) - grown before
Watermelon (sugar baby) - grown before
Carrot (short and sweet) - grown before
Zucchini squash (black beauty) - grown before
potato (whatever the wife buys)
Pepper (assorted varieties) - grown before
Corn (early sunglow) - grown before
Strawberry (assorted varieties) - grown before

so as you can see ive dabbled before in stuff with varied results. Sometimes i would get fruit and vedge sometimes i wouldnt. I just have to figure out the best spots and conditions for the ones i think i can pull off.

while all this is going on i also have some flowers i want to try...

im big into sunflowers and am thinking of dedicating a patch in my front yard to a group of varied sunflowers.
heres what i have..

citrus - grown before
velvet queen
solar eclipse
chianti hybrid - grown before
american giant
lemon queen - grown before
autumn beauty
honey bear
russian mammoth - grown before
skyscraper - grown before

not sure if i can create some kind of grouped garden consisting of all the above?

now onto the other smaller stuff i want to try to attract wildlife such as bee's, birds, and butterflies...

true lavender
butterfly weed
cocks comb
black eyed susan
blanket flower
gaillardia goblin
nasturtium whirlybird mix
petite orange marigold

wow now that i look at all this it seems like i would have my hands full!

any advice on any of these seeds i have would be great! Im not sure if im behind in growing any of this stuff so any tips or recommendations on growing would be cool. Maybe tell me if im crazy to go at all this or how hard some of this would be..


edit: just picked up 6 plants from walmart for a dollar each..

got 2 tomatoes......celebrity and parks whopper.
got 4 peppers......cayenne, sweet banana, green bell, and jalepeno.

i didnt have these seeds so i got the mini plants although i do like growing from seed if i can.

Last edited: Sat Apr 11, 2009 6:58 am

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Droopy wrote on Sat Apr 11, 2009 6:55 am:

Heavens, you'll be busy! How fun to read your list. I'm awed by your varieties. Good luck with them.


Green_Numb wrote on Sat Apr 11, 2009 7:00 am:

thanks, i think i might have bitten off more than i can chew....
my wife still wonders why i grow so many toms when i dont even eat them hehe..

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