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The Decorating is Finished including 'My' Penguin Tree

Category: Gardening Remembrances | Posted: Wed Dec 23, 2009 11:11 pm

There is something about my wife that I did not realize before we got married. Normally she is a very intelligent, compassionate, and well centered person. That much I did know. But as the Christmas Season approaches a change comes over this woman. All intellectual acumen and reasoning is put aside, and this little child emerges. She becomes absorbed in the season and, if I did not put my foot down, we would have a Christmas tree in every room in the house. Our house is a single level, fairly open floor plan. Not counting the three bedrooms, kitchen or other service rooms, we only have four rooms to work with. Actually, since the dining room and living room are divided only by two columns, there are really only three areas; and she has a tree in each area.

The main tree in the living room/dining room area, one in the den, and one in the sun room. The main tree, as I refer to it, is decorated with the designer ornaments and Waterford crystal that she accumulated before she ever met me. I have to admit that it is the most beautiful tree I have ever seen. A few years ago she came home from Market with a tall, narrow tree and told me she was putting it in the corner of our den. It has been there every Christmas since.

And then there is what see refers to as Jerry's tree. More years ago than I care to remember, a friend began giving me little penguins because she was amused that my college mascot was a penguin. She had gone to a 'real' school with a 'real' mascot; an alligator. I never was able to figure out her thought process regarding that. But, I digress. I soon had about a dozen of these little things cluttering up my office area; and years later when I met my wife, she too was amused by the little critters. She restarted the penguin collection and told everyone who would listen that Jerry collects penguins. Penguins began pouring in at every gift occasion. What do you get the guy who has everything? Penguins!.

Cindy had a 2 ½ foot wire Christmas tree that she would put bulbs on and place on the table in the foyer of our home. One year I came home to find 'my' penguins hanging on it instead of the usual bulbs. It was cute, it was harmless, and of course it was another excuse to let everybody know that Jerry went to Youngstown State, the Penguin College. Ho Ho Ho. Soon there were more penguins than room on that little wire tree. As things evolved, she added a third tree that now resides in the sunroom and is just chockfull of little penguins.

It has become a tradition in our house and I guess it is here to stay. But, last year I put out an edict to all who would listen, NO MORE PENGUINS. As it is we have another 3 dozen that would not fit on this 7' tree. Now, don't get me wrong, I am not a Bah Humbug, Scrooge. But, she will not be here to take these trees down since she will be back on the road with her very busy consulting business as soon as the holidays are over; it happens every year. Ho Ho Ho.

( photo / image / picture from Accidental Gardener's Garden )

This is the main tree in the living room.

The Den Tree ( photo / image / picture from Accidental Gardener's Garden )

Here is the one she has in the Den

( photo / image / picture from Accidental Gardener's Garden )

And here is 'My' Penguin Tree

Close up of Penguin Tree ( photo / image / picture from Accidental Gardener's Garden )

( photo / image / picture from Accidental Gardener's Garden )

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eileen wrote on Thu Dec 24, 2009 12:32 am:

I love to hear of Christmas bringing out the child in your wife. I think that, secretly, you enjoy every minute of helping to decorate all the trees you have. Go on - admit it!! LOL
I think they are all lovely but the penquin tree is just wonderful!!

Merry Christmas to you both!!


daisybeans wrote on Thu Dec 24, 2009 3:05 am:

Everybody should let their "child" come out and play at Christmas! I love all your trees but have to say, especially the penguins. Do you remember the story behind each one?


gfreiherr wrote on Thu Dec 24, 2009 8:19 pm:

What beautiful trees! I can't believe how many ornaments on are all of the trees. Love the penguins.
Made it to NJ...12 hours and eighteen minutes. Merry Christmas.

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