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the garden of not so eden

Category: my garden | Posted: Mon Jul 26, 2010 4:22 pm

Well you can't really see it yet, but this is where we have so far an apricot, double grafted plum, lemon, orange, blueberry and mulberry. There's a fig and a loquat waiting to go in. I leveled out the ground in steps- much steeper than it ever looks on a photo. There's a few small ericas, grevilleas, armerias, and eutaxia obovata planted in amongst the rocks of the shallow steps, and some thyrptomene and a beautiful little allogyne elle marie which has settled in nicely and now growing furiously. When i got here, this small patch about 6 by 8 metres was covered in a 3 metre high rotting wood heap. One day, much chainsawing, two snakes later, I had a area with a thick layer of humusy composted wood. I dug in heaps of blood and bone, sheep maure (local availability), lucerne, trace elements, lime and rock dust (which here is from lateric rocks and quite alkalising.)The blueberry is the left foreground and is so small and stick like you can't even see it. it's winter now, all deciduous have lost most of their leaves. Because the soil is very high in iron and aluminium, it is highly acid which limits avaliability of nutrients esp for the hungry citrus. The lemon has been exhibitng signs of severe Mn/ Zn deficiency, so have been foliar spraying it with Mn and Zn on different days, also Mg and seaweed soup, and to dressing with trace elements, lime, rock dust (alkaline) Mg, Mn and Zn and blood and bone. Over about two months, the ph under the lemon has come up from 3.5- 4 to 6, so I'm hoping the tree will be able to absorb some good nutrient before summer. I can't wait to get chooks to scrabbble around and scratch and poo and spread the feathery love all through the orchard.

( photo / image / picture from brombear's Garden )

orchard ( photo / image / picture from brombear's Garden )

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