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Posted: 08 Apr 2010
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Posted: 12 Feb 2010
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Posted: 06 Feb 2010
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Posted: 24 Jan 2010

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Baby and Blueberries!

Category: Wanting to garden, but don't know how to garden | Posted: Thu Apr 08, 2010 4:45 pm

So I am so thrilled. My little one is now about to be 6 weeks old! She is absolutely magnificent. The sad thing is, my blueberries and rasberries took a bit of a hit because I haven't been able to water them so diligently. :( So I am trying to revive those as well as deal with everything a little newborn has to offer. The weather has been getting hotter and windier, so unfortunately, my blueberries are getting either too hot or possibly not enough water. So I hope they start thriving. It's so nice to be able to post again. I hope to be able to post some positive results/pictures soon!

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toni wrote on Thu Apr 08, 2010 4:55 pm:

Sounds like your hands are filled to overflowing.
6 week olds are fun little creatures to watch. They change so much from now on and before you know it they are running off to lst grade.

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