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Posted: 04 May 2010
Found a rock garden
Posted: 01 May 2010

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Rock Garden Updates & More Discoveries

Category: My Finds | Posted: Tue May 04, 2010 3:29 pm

I spent quite a bit of time over the weekend clearing out Poison Ivy and Nettles.
At least I 'think' they are Nettles ( --look just like first pic in this thread)

The paths we use to walk the dogs thru the woods were getting quite overgrown so since I decided to mow them a bit. In the process couldn't bear the thought of mowing over the violets and another tall yellow daisy type flower that was growing in a few places so I decided to foster them into the rock garden.

( photo / image / picture from LilyJunkie's Garden )

Out of view is an ever growing pile of rocks that have been collected. The plan is to get them worked around to complete the border which was missing from this side. Hopefully that happens this week; right now I am feeling muscles that haven't been used in a while ;)


Late in the winter I was in the backyard discovering yet another lily bed where the green was just beginning to poke thru the dirt. Something caught my eye and I realized I was standing on concrete. Over the course of a few weeks when weather permitting I began chipping away at the sod and walnut shells to discover it was a area of approximately 15' x 15'.

The concrete was obviously old and had quite a few cracks in it but I thought what a lovely rustic looking patio. Even better--with all the moss growing in the heavily shaded areas I had the perfect filler for those cracks!

A little more picking around led to the discovery of another section of concrete. Only this wasn't square- it appeared to be an old sidewalk. We all speculated. Hubby thought maybe this had a been a shed or a chicken coop, the boys couldn't think beyond - 'it's choppy but maybe she will let us put a basket ball hoop here' , and I said that I almost thought this could have been the foundation from a small house before the house we live in was constructed.

Whatever the original purpose of the concrete was there was one thing we all agreed on--it was OLD. A little more digging and scraping revealed a date wrote into the drying concrete to mark their handy work.


Even more curious now my husband asked to neighbors who have lived in the area all their lives, are both 50ish and both claimed to have played here on the property as children. Neither of them remember an outbuilding of any type in this location. Maybe some day we will find out. If not at least it was fun making the discovery.

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toni wrote on Tue May 04, 2010 6:25 pm:

Very cool finding and old patio and that unknown concrete slab.
If the neighbors are 50ish, they were born way after that slab was put down and whatever it was used for might have been torn or burned down long before they were born. Is there anyone in the area in their 70's who might remember something about it?


daisybeans wrote on Tue May 04, 2010 8:41 pm:

Another very neat discovery! Maybe during the Winter you can do some research if your county has a historical society or something. Till then, isn't it fun to speculate?

daysmommy wrote on Wed May 05, 2010 1:41 am:

Neat discovery. I always think to myself while I am digging around getting my gardens going, What if I would find something? I get excited just thinking about it. Although I do not know what I would find.

Hilary Gibbons wrote on Sat May 08, 2010 9:48 am:

I've just bought a 200 year old house here in Crete and your blog makes me very impatient to get up there and start clearing the undergrowth from the gardens.We already picked up the old terracotta oil pots..gorgeous.What else might you find!?

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