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Posted: 06 Nov 2012
Putting the veggie garden to bed.
Posted: 06 Nov 2012

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Putting the veggie garden to bed.

Category: autumn clean-up | Posted: Tue Nov 06, 2012 10:01 pm

Hello and I hope you are having a good day. Well, I forgot today was Election Day here in the States so I really did not get much done outside at all. I did take pics, however I will need to find someone who can help me with getting them on so I apologize for not having them here for you. I did manage to prep my vegetable beds for the winter and that was alot of work. You see, first I comb the dirt to be sure there is nothing left from my ealier crops. Then I do what is called "lasagna layering." If you are not familiar with that term, it simply means layering cardboard, compost and leaves/grass clippings on top of the ground. You want to finish with a yard waste topping. My raised beds have wire around them to keep the critters out so I pile mine a good 18 inches above the soil line. It will set all winter and after we are sure there will be no more frost in the spring I stir it up a bit, add fertilizer and another top dressing of leaves. By planting time this has all decayed nicely and my soil is ready for the next year's crop. I'd love to hear how you put your vegetable garden to bed and if you plant a "cover crop" please explain how you choose what to plant.
Until tomorrow then, Dee

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Category: autumn clean-up | Posted: Tue Nov 06, 2012 4:01 am

Hello, and welcome to my garden and all the animals that call it home. We have already had our first few frosts, but not yet a hard freeze. Many of my plants need clipped, leaves need raked and feeders put out while others get brought inside. Mulching will need to be done, but not until after a good, hard freeze. Follow me this week as I prepare my garden for winter and provide my "backyard guests" with supplies that will help meet their needs for the coming winter. Tomorrow will be too cold to accomplish much, but we will get a few things done and take some pictures so you get an idea of everything that is going on.
I hope we will become fast friends and encourage one another in the wonderful craft of gardening.
Until next time...take care, Dee

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