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Posted: 29 Nov 2014

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What plant is this?

Category: Plants to name. | Posted: Sat Nov 29, 2014 2:08 am

Selling some plants online is an exiting experience, specially when you have some unknown (to you) plants, growing left after the previous owner. Twice so far I was searching web in attempts to find a name for one plant and ended up with a name for the other "stranger" in my garden. So far this website is such a discovery together with new name for my lovely ground cover - Ruellia humilis (Hairy wild petunia).
Now with a hope for help, can I ask the community of GardenStew to name one more ground cover plant - it's either an annual or a herbaceous perennial - hugging the ground, small silvery-green leaves, fast growing, flowers almost invisible and located on the inner side of the branch, closer to the ground, so one can see only lovely hairy leaves.

What plant is this? ( photo / image / picture from iya's Garden )

??? ( photo / image / picture from iya's Garden )

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