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Posted: 13 Jan 2012
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Posted: 11 Dec 2011
Started using the big feeder.
Posted: 20 Nov 2011
A new visitor to the bird feeding area !
Posted: 18 Nov 2011
The fall feeding season is here!
Posted: 05 Nov 2011

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A visit to my birdfeeder to seen what is going on with the birds of central Ohio.

Things are changing.

Category: Bird Brain Blog | Posted: Thu Apr 21, 2011 1:34 pm

Have noticed several things changing at the feeders this week. The wire feeder has now been taken over by the Goldfinches instead of the Chickadees. The Downey Woodpeckers have taken over the peanut feeder from the Titmice. The woodpeckers are eating 15 to 20 peanuts a day. The Doves still come in on the ground along with the Juncos. But the Juncos are turning to there summer colors. In the winter they are slate grey with white breasts and stomachs. But now they are sporting dull brown with a dingy looking light great underneath.

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Finally, new action at the feeder!

Category: Bird Brain Blog | Posted: Mon Apr 18, 2011 9:04 pm

Up until today, the action at the feeder has been pretty boring. But now the Goldfinch males have turned fully yellow and back. They add a fresh burst of color to the yard. Very colorfull when both male Cardinals and the Goldfinch are at the feeder.

The Downey Woodpeckers have learned how to get into the hanging basket to get peanuts. Also the large Red bellied woodpeckers have learned where they are at also. Both of them together will eat 15 or 20 peanuts a day. The Titmice have competion now!

This evening we had a new visitor to the feeder. A male Rose-Breasted Grosbeak has been feeding this afternoon. This is an area that is part of their territory, but not a common bird here. So it was well worth seeing him. The last time I had seen one here at the house was in June of 1988.

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