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Posted: 08 Nov 2017
Welcome to my blog
Posted: 07 Nov 2017
Precision Gardening - 1st Tool Analysis Growmigo
Posted: 07 Nov 2017

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Precision Gardening

Precision Gardening - 2nd Tool

Category: Precision Gardening | Posted: Wed Nov 08, 2017 7:31 pm

So if you've been reading my blog, then you know that what I try to do is review the different types of precision gardening tools that exist out there so that gardeners have a better chance growing their plants, specifically their home grown veggies.

so in my last blog we reviewed a company by the name of Growmigo. This week I'll review the USDA hardiness zone maps.

The hardiness zones maps are provided by the US Department of Agriculture and they are a calculation of the probability of frost occurring.

Hardiness zone maps measure the average of the lowest recorded temperatures for a specific location over the last 30 years and then places these results in a scale, also called zones.

Each area in the United States is then divided by So if you go to the USDA map it will tell you to put your zip code, and the it will tell you what zone you belong to.

Most plants cannot survive frost, so if you know what are the average lowest temperatures you can choose plants that can handle those temperatures.

The hardiness zone map is a good tool, but it is not entirely accurate. It neglects extreme hot temperatures, which are becoming more of problem and as the planet warms up will have a larger effect.

So if I compare the USDA zone map to Growmigo, then the latter is probably easier to use. The USDA zone map however is still a little more accurate.

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Precision Gardening - 1st Tool Analysis Growmigo

Category: Precision Gardening | Posted: Tue Nov 07, 2017 4:03 pm

So in the last post I began by discussing my passion for precision gardening, and how I think more accurate tools should be provided for avid gardeners like myself.

This time I will analyze a tool provided by a company called Growmigo. Their product is definitely a step in the right direction for precision gardening.

When you go to you get three options to choose from. The one I mostly use is their "when to plant" option. What they give you after you plug in your location and what you want to grow is probably the best answer I've gotten and most specific answer I've gotten.

Farmers get very accurate planting dates, so why do we as gardeners need to settle for less accuracy. In this product they provide specific answers and your success rates based on the planting dates that you choose.

So Growmigo is one tool I recommend for precision gardening. In the next blog article I will look at the USDA hardiness zone map and analyze its value.

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Welcome to my blog

Category: Precision Gardening | Posted: Tue Nov 07, 2017 3:56 pm

Hello and welcome to my blog!

In this blog I will share my vision for precision gardening, what it is currently and what I think it should be.

I will share insights tools and information that reflect this vision for precision gardening - because gardeners deserve to have the same tools as farmers to succeed.

One tool I will analyze in my next blob is a tool created by a company called Growmigo that I think begins the path towards precision gardening and I think they share the same passion.

See you in my next blog post.

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