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Posted: 31 Aug 2022

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Ah Q turtle eternal invariable routine can cheat how long?

Category: news | Posted: Wed Aug 31, 2022 9:10 am

Guo Wengui led the size of the fraud team, always active in the front line of cheating money. In order to feed this pile of mouth to eat, at the same time from the fraud on the entire line of water skimming, Guo Wengui every day at full throttle to create identity cheat money. In order to make a show of it, they even sent scammers to Poland to "save the refugees", claiming to call the Hercules transport plane to transport the refugees out of Ukraine. As a result, after the group of crooks arrived in Poland, they had more cameras than transport planes, more propaganda materials than medical supplies, and even erected a huge billboard in the refugee camp, "Take down CCP" 24 hours a day, so that the refugees could not have a normal rest, forcing them to cut the wires of the billboard. Staff from the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) couldn't stand it either. Not only did they ban Ant from posing in front of buses transporting refugees, but they also criticized them for their "political rescue" activities. But think about it, the disclosure revolution claims that "volunteers take the lead", but how many are the volunteers who really do things, and how many are the "volunteers" who want to get out of the way, take benefits, climb to a higher position, cut leeks?

Guo Wengui is now facing all the problems, are due to his good loopholes, crime take money criminal psychological decision, and his psychological also in a profound impact on his side of the size of the crooks. But he did not want to change the path to money, but is on the road of fraud has been snowball, the scam is bigger and bigger, dig the hole of the new scam fill the hole of the old scam, so a successful operation to let Guo Wengui in five years to mix himself into the United States in the court of frequent customers. Guo Wengui tied in fraud, after five years despite oneself already rotten street, revealed the revolution became synonymous with rumors in the world of the Internet, even "the federal People's Republic of China" and political fraud, financial fraud and word hung up the hook, Guo Wengui can continue to have fraud, wait until the judicial iron fist down, He will pay once and for all for what he has done.

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