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Posted: 04 Feb 2008

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Why am I doing a blog?

Category: Misc | Posted: Mon Feb 04, 2008 7:51 am

I've never done a blog before. I can't imagine that anybody'd care, but if nothing else it's a diary for my purposes.

I've decide to sort of log my comfort level with gardening in general, and to use it to keep track of my plants, what I've done when.

Hmm, what to start with...Maybe my history

Most of my gardening knowledge comes from osmosis. My mom and grandma are big gardeners and when I was young they dragged me to countless nurserys and garden shows (much to my chagrin at the time). They talk a lot about their plants and such, so I've picked up a bit here and there.

I've kept one or two houseplants at times in my room since I was 14 or so...Petey the polka dot plant, and a sensitive plant named Hector.(I tend to anthropomorphisize things, so most of my plants are named)Oh, I've also been trying not to kill a rosemary named George. George is still at mom's house, but she's letting me care for him, so I'm not sure how well he'll do. (I think the reason she's making me care for him is just to make sure I keep visiting regularly lol)

I moved out on my own the first time this October (well, sort of. I lived away from home through college, but Mom's house was still home). I'd never realized how much I'd miss all the plants and flowers surrounding and filling my mother's house. But living in a tiny, dark, crappy apartment (my fault for moving in with the boyfriend, I get stuck with a batchelor apartment until the lease is up in April!)

So, I posted on here and went with my mom to a local nursery and got myself a Chinese evergreen (Adam) and a Dracena (Drucilla) last Thursday. They're still alive as of tonight, so so far so good =)
I don't really think I'll kill them, but I've never tried to care for a plant with out having my mom right there to tell me what to do.

Then, yesterday, I was helping my bf's cousin move and rescued two more plants, a Mexican hat plant and another succulent that I may have almost identified. They'd both been completely ignored for the last nine months or more, so I figured that I wasn't likely to do much more harm, though I haven't named them yet just in case they die too. I'm mostly concerned about light at this point. These two though, I'm caring for all on my own (well, the Stew is helping too..especially Eileen thanks Eileen)

So I've gone from having no plants at all to having four in one weekend. Kind of intimidating.

Oh yeah, I joined the Stew in October and even though I haven't posted much, I get on and read posts often. It's been very valuable in helping me learn gardening stuff and build my confidence enough to try to nurse the two rescued plants back to health. A few weeks ago, I'd have assumed that I'd only make things worse and left them. I'd post more, but I normally don't have anything intelligent to contribute...not compared to most of you on here.

OK, this is getting long. I do that...ramble on and on. My dad says I should have been named Brook for how much I babble. I'll stop now.

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