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Posted: 12 Feb 2008

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China's Influence On Furniture

Category: Furnitures | Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2008 4:15 am

Today, with the focus of most consumers going green, most prefer simple designs inspired by nature. One of the most popular designs when it comes to that is Chinese. For thousands of years, the Chinese have been designing and crafting simple and ornate furniture which have become well known throughout the world.

It is not surprising as China is one of the oldest civilizations today. Thousands of years ago, the Chinese have already started experimenting with the creation of useful things which we now know as furniture. Experts are saying that furniture making has been a craft in China dating as far back as 1500 BC.

Unearthed artifacts show woven mats and arm rests. These things show that the Chinese civilization of the past has already their own sense of style. Mostly unadorned, these artifacts cleared the way for people to appreciate the beauty of simplicity when it comes to furniture.

Back in the days, people only uses mat to sit on. But with the spread of Buddhism in the early times of the first millennium AD, Chinese started creating raised platforms for sitting on. This came from the fact that Buddha is projected to be seating on raised platforms instead of mats only. Later on, the raised platforms were also used by guests, officials, or dignitaries.

From those raised platforms emerged the creation of longer versions which are used for reclining. This created the first daybed which today has evolved to the sofa. Apart from that, taller chairs also came from the raised platform. As taller chairs were created, so did taller tables.

Today, people try to differentiate different designs depending on their origins. European furniture is known for their elaborate designs while Chinese or Oriental in general are known for their simple designs mostly nature-inspired. What we know today as Chinese furniture was developed between 618 and 907 AD during the tang Dynasty.

During that time, the privileged started using more ornate furniture. Chairs with recessed legs and waisted tables came into use by the elite. It was not long though before the use of these furniture pieces was emulated by the general public. During that time, many woodworking techniques were developed. It is due to these techniques that creation of different furniture during the Tang Dynasty picked up.

During that era, chairs, stools, benches, and tables were given new designs. The unique style of the Chinese culture also became the inspiration for the design of these furniture pieces. As production of furniture in the era progressed, so did the popularity of their creations outside of China. Although back then, the world is a much bigger place without the technology of today; Chinese creations have made it out of the country.

From those furniture created during the Tang Dynasty come the distinct styling which is known today as Chinese style. Today, the influence of the Tang Dynasty creations can be clearly seen on Oriental furniture and fixtures.

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