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Just an update

Category: my garden | Posted: Thu May 10, 2007 12:42 am

Well everything is growing and doing well in my gardens! I haven't done a whole lot in my gardens this year. I've been doing alot of scrapbooking and staying indoors since I've not been feeling well lately. As you can tell this year I've kinda gotten hung up on vines!!:) I have 4 clematis(2 blue and 2 pink), corkscrew vine, passion vine, gloriosa lily, wisteria, cardinal vine, cup and saucer vine, honeysuckle, moon vine( I have white ones and lavendar ones)heavenly potato vine and of course morning glories.
My blanket flowers are doing great!

I'm growing a type of Zinna I've never grown before this year. Peppermint Stick is the name if I recall rightly.

I have another one blooming now that is white with red stripes. They are really pretty, the photo does not do them justice!
This is my lavendar lantana. I have a little shephard's hook with a windchime hanging on it. Callie runs by it and hits it with her paw to make it make noise!hehe

Here's a few more of Callie being a silly willy girl!!

This is my new ice plant. It has green and white leaves and it's blooms are small and purple. It is a eye pleasing combination.

Our veggie garden is doing good although we have not weeded it at all this year:( It really needs to be weeded as the weeds are out growing the plants. It is not like us to neglect our gardens but this year has not left us very healthy! We did dig our potatoes last weekend and our plants produced 30 pounds!! Which we thought was very excellent since we only planted the eyes of 3 pounds of starter potatoes! Our squash are starting to produce and I can't wait to have a big helping of squash cooked with lots of butter and sugar! Yummy!! Or fried would be nice too! We also have corn growing and our green beans are starting to bloom. The collard and mustard greens need to be picked. I'm not too big on greens but hubby loves them so I'll cook a batch for him soon!! We also have okra, cantaloupe and watermelon growing. The snow killed all but one of our cucumber vines but hopefully the one will produce a few. Well that's about all I have to update for now.

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