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Posted: 02 Aug 2008

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Learning the HARD WAY what NOT to do!

Creating a tropical paradise in NC!

Category: Help me get rid of stumps please! | Posted: Sat Aug 02, 2008 4:24 pm

HI! SLowly but surely we are trying to create our own little tropical paradise in NC. It's hard since so many of the plants we love won't grow here. We started with a blank sheet, as the previous owners of our home did NOTHING in the yard... (not even grass!) We have learned the hard way WHAT NOT TO PLANT, but unforetunetly, its causing us have to restart in many areas! Recently we had to cut down three large hybrid willows we had planted as simple 2 foot sticks 5 years ago... they did grow fast and tall, but just DIED this year. We found out the hard way, their root systems TAKE OVER and have killed a lot of other plants and stopped us from being able to plant anything new.. (TOO MANY ROOTS)... (same with the ONE hybrid poplar oh how I wish I had not planted that tree!)... anyways.. we now have these three stumps.. not too large, but with me being disabled (bad back, knee and hands from military injury) I just can not consider trying to DIG them up... does anyone know of any sort of chemical or technique to help me get rid of these eye sores and anything to help rid the ground of the invasive roots?
We have decided we have to build a step type bed over the bed we presently have if we want to grow anything by our fence because the roots of all these trees keep anything from being able to grow there. Of course it will have to wait until we can afford the dirt and railroad ties to build up, but that is the plan...
OH, can anyone tell me if it is too late to spread stuff for grubs? We had it under control for years, but could not afford the stuff this year to spread, and wamo, we are full of grubs.. (wish they'd eat the roots of the dead trees, not the ones we want to keep!)...
Well, I guess I have asked enough questions.. hope someone or lots of someones can help.. anyone want to send suggestions for tropical plants or tropical looking plants, please do so.. don't forget we are in NC so colder climate...
thanks to all...
Semper FI

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