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Posted: 17 Sep 2010
A busy summer
Posted: 26 Jun 2009
My Graduates
Posted: 04 Jun 2009
A spring update to keep things in check
Posted: 19 May 2009
snow total for Northern Michigan
Posted: 28 Jan 2009

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catchin up.

Category: my greenhouse | Posted: Fri Sep 17, 2010 2:35 pm

Well, lets start from from bad to good.
last winter my dad was in a pretty bad accident-he's lucky to be alive. from the hospital he was put into a nursing home where he'll have to stay from now on. I don't get to see him much, he's atleast 3 hours away. With gas prices (lets not go there) I don't go see him much but keep in contact with the nurses & him on the phone. half the time he doesn't know who he's talking to though.
moving on...
In sept 1st my daughter had her baby girl. Her name is Haley. We just had her 1st birthday party.

(me) grandma and Haley ( photo / image / picture from petunia's Garden )

This summer Jessica has been busy in 2 differant fairs with showing her rabbits. then we took our vacation this year to Ohio to visit with my son who's going to college in Lima for auto machanics. we stayed there a week with him. Boy! talk about humidity! WOW the whole week was HOT. But fun, we enjoyed the visit. Then about 2 weeks after that he came home for a short summer visit.
We had a week visit with my daughte-in-law and her family from Missiouri. Its always fun to visit with them also when they come up.
Now, Like I said, we just had Haleys 1st birthday Party. She's walking all over the place now and has 8 teeth. Boy you should have seen the frosting all over her face :) what a mess :) At the end of opening all her birthday gifts-the very last one my daughter pulls out this baby shirt that reads "BABY SISTER" we were surprised to learn there's baby # 2 on the way in April. They also have a wedding date set for Next sept-get this-9/10/11 gotta be a good date there, huh?
Now my youngest is soo glad to be back in school. She said she's ready for things to settle down for a while. She's now in her 6th grade, last year of elementary, wow how time flies.
I hope this catches everyone up.
I have put out flowers. I so love my flowers. we put up a garden in the greenhouse but it hasn't done very well-been too busy this summer. My plan next year will be to get a clear cover finally on the grenhouse, maybe things will grow better then. I have set up another plant room in a differant spare bedroom this year for winter. I mostly over winter all my coleus in there and a few geraniums. I hate seeing plants die off if they can be saved by over wintering them. The end

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A busy summer

Category: my greenhouse | Posted: Fri Jun 26, 2009 3:32 pm

I guess I hadn't planned on this summer being as busy as its turned out to be.
This week has been our fair. my daughter shows her rabbits. She has 4 ribbons from 2 of them. Here she is with her mini rex named 'cocoa'

show rabbit ( photo / image / picture from petunia's Garden )

The judge is checking her rabbit.

judging ( photo / image / picture from petunia's Garden )

These are the 2 ribbons this rabbit took.

'fair' ribbons ( photo / image / picture from petunia's Garden )

The other rabbit is a California, NewZealand mix. her name is 'Pink Eyes':

California, NewZealand Mix ( photo / image / picture from petunia's Garden )

And its 2 ribbons:

rabbit ribbons ( photo / image / picture from petunia's Garden )

Our lineup for July (this is more to keep me in check) 7th we go to Ohio for college orientation, the 11th is registration for another fair. also one of my daughters baby shower that same day. 18th I go downstate for another shower with my family. (for my daughter) o.k. then our next big 'fair' is July 27-Aug 1. Sometime here my son is planning his move to ohio for college. And in September (7) We should be Grandparents and school will then start up for my 10 yr old. 5th grade this yr.
In between there's the garden to tend to. Its growing and I'm still adding. Hopeing vege's will still come up in time for eatin or canning.

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My Graduates

Category: my greenhouse | Posted: Thu Jun 04, 2009 3:55 am

As much as I love gardening it just doesn't seem like I've been able to get out & do much this spring. My two oldest kids have graduated. My oldest daughter graduated from Ferris State University as a dental higenist. She is now pregnant and due in Sept with her first child. They're expecting a little girl. And my son graduated from high school. He'll be moving to Ohio to go to Univers. of Northwestern (UNOH) to pursue auto technology.
I have been busy making the yard and house look nice for an upcoming graduate party finally this Saturday. We just finished the food shopping today.
I'm hoping after this party is finished that I can get back to the stew to post pictures of my potted plants, my new caladiums I bought, my commercial size greenhouse(we haven't planted anything in there as of yet but weeds seem to be growing good-lots of work to do there!)we're still having frost anyway so I'm hoping to get things planted soon.
I really miss not posting. Here's a pict of my graduates. Now it'll be another 8 years before my youngest graduates.

daughter & son ( photo / image / picture from petunia's Garden )

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A spring update to keep things in check

Category: updates | Posted: Tue May 19, 2009 1:27 pm

I been real busy this spring. I miss not getting on with the stew as much as I would like to. I'd like to show more picts. My son is graduating-with his Baccalaureate this Sunday and his graduation ceremony on Friday, 29th we been busy getting the yard looking somewhat nice and especially the house. Doing alot of spring cleaning thru out. He'll have his grad. party in june. There always seem like alot to do. Decorations to buy, tables to rent, senior pict to get sent out, invitations to write up. And then maybe the most important-getting him sent off to college. He'll be an automotive tech. He likes working on cars. Off he'll go for 2 years.
And my oldest daughter just graduated from college as dental hygienist. She'll be expecting her 1st baby in September. Yes I'll be um, hmmm, oh ya, a grandma-remind you though, a young grandma. :)
So as you can see I have been having many things going on. Hopefully when things settle down a bit I can get to showing more picts of my new 'hilbilly greenhouse'-(thats another story). Also of any flowers I haven't been able to show. Everything that I've had in the house over the winter I did just put out in the greenhouse so atleast 1/2 of my greenhouse is filled up. there'll be another pict. I don't want to forget, also, someone was wanting to see my trellis that the clementis climbs on and also some wooden chairs that sit out by my pond (that my hubby built) well if your the one reading this I haven't forgotten, I have taken the pictures of them just need to load & post them. Now let me see, hmm, anything I'm forgetting for this update. I sure hope not I only have 2 1/2 weeks till the party, sure hope everything gets done. Will post quick notes when I can and updates in 2-3 weeks.
For now I'll leave you with one of my latest, the white tulip.

White Tulip ( photo / image / picture from petunia's Garden )

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snow total for Northern Michigan

Category: winter 2008-2009 | Posted: Wed Jan 28, 2009 3:44 pm

This just in this week from our local paper. By the time we're completly done with snow this year through atleast March, we will have easily reached an 30-year high.
As of January we have received 161 inches of snow. That totals 13 ft. 25-30 years ago we reached 175.75 inches of snow that fell in 1984-85. They say we had twice as much snow for December this year then we had all year. Then with all the below -0 temps we had last week. Its no wonder we're all tired of winter. Yet we're not done yet, they say Feb can bring an average of 12 inches with March averaging 11 inches. You do the math-by March we could see almost 190 inches for our snow totals for winter.
PLEASE someone bring us some SPRING.

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over hulling the old garden

Category: my greenhouse | Posted: Tue Sep 30, 2008 3:52 am

My first time trying the slide show. Hope you will watch it. It takes a few minutes, but it gives you an idea of the work that was done. Next we need to bring the tractor back in and flatten out the dirt and make sure its all level. Thanks for watching.

Last edited: Tue Sep 30, 2008 3:59 am

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a busy weekend

Category: new garden | Posted: Mon Sep 29, 2008 6:25 pm

Well we were very busy the whole weekend. picking toms. then taking the tom plants out of the garden. were try something new. we heard if the vines were hung upside down the rest of the toms should ripen. there must be over a dozen hanging-we'll see what happens. Then we took down the post that went to the tomatoes. I dug up all the gladiolas and layed them out flat to dry. THEN we had to start digging around a few stumps (oh only about 5-6). My husband took a chain and pulled out a few with his ford ranger. As he says "never under estimate the work of a ford." Then my son brought home a tractor from work and started the BIG digging under those roots and stumps. Wow were some of these stumps huge. The last one came out today, I can't wait to show picts. I'm still flabergasted at the size of this last stump. It looks as if it would have takin up my whole garden.(if the roots had been upward). right now my 'old garden' looks like deep ditches (some were as deep as 5 ft.) and hills of dirt/sand. Its totally unbeleiveable. I would like to show as many picts as I can-maybe figure out how to just make a link to my photobucket may be easier.
As soon as I get them organized be watching for picts to come. What a weekend, whew.

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taking down the garden

Category: new garden | Posted: Fri Sep 26, 2008 8:04 pm

They're saying next week will bring 60 degr weather.
Which means this weekend we will be taking down the toms and getting any stumps pulled out. All this in getting ready for the new greenhouse. Much work to be done before it goes up. Glads need to be dug up, weeds need to be pulled, rototil it once or twice, taking down some fencing and the post that held up the toms. So much work. I'll start some picts tomorrow.

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My new compost bin

Category: my greenhouse | Posted: Sun Aug 24, 2008 6:17 pm

I went with a differant photo image site so lets hope this works.
This is my new compost bin. it will be able to turn by a crank on the side. The picture looks blue but it is actually a purple bin. (My fav color)

The commercial greenhouse will be set up this fall when we take down the garden. picts will be later of the construction.

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we read, we went, we looked, we bought

Category: my greenhouse | Posted: Tue Aug 12, 2008 3:17 pm

Someone had a greenhouse frame for sale. They only used part of it but then later took it down. Its 18 ft wide by 48 ft long.(about like one of the commercial greenhouses). I know this sounds huge. But this is going to fit perfect into our vegie garden space. Hubby talked the lady into throwing in a spinning compost bin (about like Toni's) with the price of the frame. So I also have a bin now too-just needs a little work. How exciting.
The plan is to put the frame up in the garden so that next year when I start my seeds, we can put them right into the ground around the first of april. Many Amish people grow vegie's in the ground inside a lg greenhouse and have the best luck.
We still have to buy the heavy plastic covering and will have to get some help assembling. But when its finished, I'll take picts. We do want to get this assembled and up hopefully by the end of fall so it'll be ready to go by next year. Wow, when things just come at a good price sometimes you just have to take the plunge. What plans I can start making for next year. Its like having a new slat. The ideas could be endless. I'll use your ideas too if anyone wants me to experiment. I LOVE GARDENING. :)

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