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Category: gardening among the rocks | Posted: Tue Jan 30, 2007 2:57 am

Ya'd think the drywalling was done. I know I certainly did. Then the sun came out, and I find the need to sand back several areas, grump. I think I've been pushing myself too much to get it done, as I've landed with a cold or something. They never last long, but sure throw a loop in my self-imposed schedule. DH was kind enough to take care of my bunny chores, bless him.
I think I'll take up the advice I read here (from cajunbelle?) and start my seeds in flats on top of the fridge. My greenhouse just isn't warm enough yet in early March to get them going, and I haven't been able to locate the heat unit I was looking for. Besides, I turned the cabin into an oil painting studio, and it's still too cluttered to get through all that to the door into the greenhouse side. I really need to rework the door situation. And the roof. Didn't expect the corrugated plastic to degrade so much in just 10 years. But I hammered in some cross braces so it should be good for another season anyway.
Jack is still hanging in there, but he's mostly sleeping. An aspirin in a hotdog when he seems to be hurting is making him comfortable anyway. Haven't made up my mind about getting another dog, since we have plenty of other deterrents from unwelcome intruders, and vet bills really add up. Just taking it as it comes at this point.
Ive been offered a small space to put someof my artwork, and though I have mixed feelings (massive insecurity issues!) I think I'll go for it. See if that's my window.
Daylilies are poking up through the bark mulch, which gives me a much-needed spark whenever I step outside. And the bunny poo is merrily mulching away in the straw as the salts leech away, leaving me with perfect side-dressing. Is the bunny not natures perfect animal? Adorable, gentle, soft, prolific, generous, strong constitutions. Yep, I'm a bunny addict!

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A moment to breathe while the spackle dries

Category: gardening among the rocks | Posted: Mon Jan 22, 2007 4:31 am

Impressive, I actually get to sit at the computer for a moment! Between DH finishing his degree via distance and DS doing whatever teenage boys do online I haven't had much access lately. The snow had me a tad busy keeping animal water thawed, bunny bottles melted, and even the dog's bowl in the garage froze into a mouse size skating rink. But the snow's mostly gone now, and I'll miss all the lifeforms that visited me while it was here. A huge flock of purple finches discovered my feeders and kept my scurrying to keep up with demand. The squirrels were happy to tidy up the tidbits scattered underneath. And my heart just sang (hope that isn't too sappy!) when I spotted a set of wild bunny prints in the snow on my front porch. My old dog, Jack, isn't faring too well in the cold, though. I wonder how much he's got in him, old fellow.
The job I applied for, the one that I was urged to apply for, the one that I did at the end of last school year, went to someone else. I didn't even rate an interview. So after 10 years, I have removed my name from the sub list at the elementary school. Time to move on. Hurt like the dickens when I found out about it, though. But I'm out of my slump. I've been taping and skim coating the drywall that creates an actual bedroom space over the garage, & that has me tied up quite a bit lately. Just finished texturing one side of the walls, time to tape the other side. Sigh, no rest for the weary. I've missed the Stew, hopefully I'll have a chance to surf through it all this week!
Mary, daydreaming of a warm tropical island and a nice, loose mumu...

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