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Green_Numb's Garden

Latest Update: Comment Added (Jun 13 2016)
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Garden Belongs To: Green_Numb (visit member's blog)
Location: North Carolina
Zone: 7b
Garden Nickname: "Green Numb's Garden"

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Plants Added To This Garden
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  Paeonia lactiflora
(Chinese Peony, Common Garden Peony)

X Cupressocyparis leylandii
  Hibiscus coccineus
(Scarlet Rose Mallow, Scarlet Hibiscus)

  Kniphofia uvaria
(Red Hot Poker, Torch Lily)

  Nepeta cataria
(Catnip, Catmint)

  Rosmarinus officinalis

  Arum italicum
(Italian Lords and Ladies, Large Cuckoo Pint)

  Lilium longiflorum
(Easter Lily, November Lily)

Forsythia ovata
  Lilium 'Stargazer'
  Cornus florida
(Flowering Dogwood, State Tree of Missouri, State Tree of Virginia)

Heuchera americana
  Iberis sempervirens
(Evergreen Candytuft)

  Tradescantia pallida
(Wandering Jew, Purple Heart)

  Prunus glandulosa
(Flowering Almond)

  Matteuccia struthiopteris
(Ostrich Fern, Shuttlecock Fern)

  Iris germanica
(Bearded Iris)

  Stachys byzantina
(Lamb's Ears)

  Colocasia esculenta
(Taro, Coco Yam, Elephant Ear)

  Cortaderia selloana
(Pampas Grass)

  Perovskia atriplicifolia
(Russian Sage)

  Melissa officinalis
(Lemon Balm)

  Monarda didyma
(Bee Balm)

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