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    Some days ago we had a hotel coupon that was about to expire so we went up to Northern Friesland for a couple of days. It was a new location for us thus we were filled with anticipation and hopefulness. The place was fine albeit with smallish rooms. The rooms were clean and proper though. We are in a German restaurant in the village and the next day we spent in that close-by village looking at the sites, eating a bite and visiting a museum. The museum was actually a conglomeration of buildings that had had an industrial function in the past. The main place though was the museum of Douwe Egberts--a household word and product here. Coffee and tea.

    The museum is preserved where it all began. There is an interesting history and was at one point sold to an American firm. It was nice to take the informal tour, see the old foto's and hear how the business progressed.

    I looked on the website but it was not in English. However the Wikipedia link is here:

    The way home was slow and lovely. We stopped at a place to sit and eat a bite with a cup of tea.
    It was just off the road and very rural:

    Do you recognise this:

    It is a bull rush early on.

    Further along the way it was time for another stop...a sanitary stop. There was no toilet, but I got to know a tree there out in the bushes.

    That bark is itself a work of natural art, don't you think?

    Right then...all caught up. Are you folks going to take a little break to re-charge the batteries this summer?
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    Beautiful photographs. So glad you two managed to get away for a nice break. We have no plans for a holiday this year sadly.

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