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Discussion in 'The Village Square' started by dooley, Jul 13, 2013.

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    We got up early and went to a yard sale. It started at seven o'clock this morning. It was a very good sale and was reasonably priced so we wandered around picking up this and that and spent more than we intended. I'll try to get some pictures of the stuff I bought but it's mostly small stuff. I bought muffin tins and some sheets. Four sets of sheets, top, bottom and pillow cases for two dollars a set. Brian will wash them and they will be just fine. All in good shape, too.
    I did some sewing this afternoon. I have a lot of things cut out. The lady who used to be our neighbor gave me a bolt of red material that she had used for curtains and didn't need any more. I think I will make her some shopping bags with some of it. But, not today. It's time to wind down today. You all have a good evening now.

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