A poem, a tribute to my loving departed parents

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    This is true based on a phone call from my father,years ago now, his first christmas alone. I wrote this yesterday afternoon.

    “Her Tree”

    I trim her tree, she will not see
    Perfection like hers is not to be
    Through tears, I try to see her dream
    Of how it should look
    Oh how I wish I'd have a book

    In my hand is one perfect flocked red rose
    She called the Christmas rose
    And it always held a prominent place on our tree
    Where is that place to be, on the tree she will not see

    She left me this year; I’m on my own,
    The reflection of lights on the tree
    In her eyes will not be shown
    She’s in my heart; I hope to make her proud
    And do my best on this tree she will not see

    Life alone now is hard and lonely
    She made everything special
    Winter and snow had a special glow

    I look at the lights tonight
    They shine not as bright
    As they did one short year before
    On this tree she will not see

    We were to grow old together
    We did in fact as I look down
    I see my shaky wrinkled hand
    That once held her own, pick up the angel
    To place on top of her tree she will not see
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    A beautifully poignant poem Susie.

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