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    I'm long sighted, I'm legal for driving and I don't need glasses for golf.
    But I'm beginning to have a problem sometimes reading the music when I play my Yamaha Tyros 5 leccy piano.
    The music stand is quite far away unless you drag the stool nearer and don't extend your arms so much. Reading glassses aren't that much help.

    There's no way you can adjust the positioning of the stand. It locks into two short brackets that in turn lock into the back of the keyboard. There's no commercially made aftermarket adaptions.

    A few years or so ago, this problem with the Yamaha Tyros range, came up on the Yamaha keyboards message board to which I subscribe. I remember someone mentioning that another subscriber was making them out of perspex and supplying other members.

    So I put a message on the board asking about them. I got a reply from someone the following day, Thursday, who said he had a pair which he'd used on his Tyros 4, but he no longer used them as he'd changed to another make of piano. He said they will fit a Tyros 5. He was willing to sell them to me for a few quid.

    Only problem was that he lived in Boston USA.

    Wasn't a real problem, as I paid for them and the postage with Paypal (which was more than the brackets) and he sent them off yesterday, might be some weeks before they arrive. But still job done.


    I'll have to sort out how to mount the little light I've rigged up similar to those that orchestra players use to illuminate their music, but it might not be necessary now.


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