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  1. S-H

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    Oct 28, 2010
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    Karachi, Pakistan
    Dear Frank,

    Although I really do enjoy seeing the picture of the month section, and how everyone votes for the best picture - But I feel that we can do something even better than that!

    And so I was thinking, of a freely downloadable archive of high resolution widescreen wallpapers (to be used as desktop backgrounds). We have members from all around the world, and some of us are very skilled with a camera! So instantly we will be able to build an amazing archive of great looking nature shots - That will surely make us more popular on the Internet!

    And of course, the logo of our beloved GardenStew will be in the corner of each picture - Thus leading to more people joining our community! :idea:

    Hint: I myself have been putting away the decision to invest in a high quality digital SLR camera - But if this would happen, then I think I too will be encouraged to take the leap! :D
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  3. Frank

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    Hi S-H, maybe it would be a good idea to try opening a new topic in Member's Gallery for submission of wallpapers. I wouldn't be comfortable with watermarking the GardenStew logo onto members images but you could see what kind of interest it attracts :)

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