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    On the go since 2004, GardenStew has become one of the most loved home and garden communities on the Web. We provide a friendly and informative place for like-minded home-owners and gardening folk to hang out and share ideas, tips and photos.

    Here's what thousands of gardeners and home owners from all over the world are enjoying right now:

    * Over 22 forums with thousands of topics. Everything from flower gardening to DIY.
    * A wide variety of member blogs. All members can start a free blog!
    * Upload photos directly to the site. No need to use a separate photo hosting site. Unlimited photo uploads!
    * GardenStew PLANTS, our very own plant database built entirely from information submitted by our members.
    * Member gardens area where members can let others know what is happening in their garden. All members get a free garden.
    * Member's Gallery forum to show off all of your photos.
    * Member map to show other where you are in the world.
    * Calendar to mark down all of your important events.
    * More great features being added all of the time...
    * 100% FREE!


    So don't wait a second longer, register as a member for FREE today and join in. Thousands have already, don't miss out!

    // frank - GardenStew.com Founder
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