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    my angel trumpet is about 5ft. tall, can i cut it down to about two ft tall will it hurt it. i want to bring it in for the winter its just so big. i was just wondering, i love it i dont want to hurt it. it growed 2and a half ft. this summer. how big of a pot will it need if i do have to brig it in. thank you all so much margie
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    If it is in a pot you can give it a good pruning and move it in. . maybe about 1/3 of it being cut back wouldn't hurt. If you have to pot it up you will need to severely prune it before you dig it up and even then it may not survive. it might be far easier to just start over in the Spring with new seeds. or take some cuttings from this one and try to root them. if you dig it up you will need a fairly large pot. maybe 10-12 in?
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    Any material that is cut-off can be used to make more. All of mine were started from cuttings shared by friends.

    I don't think there's any chance of survival if left outside in your location (assuming your plant is some kind of Brugmansia) unless you have a spot where you know the ground does not freeze and is relatively well-drained.

    I put a lot of plants in the ground for summer, then dig them up to come inside for winter, but if I lived where Brugmansia was not hardy, I would just keep cuttings instead of doing the dig, like I do for Coleus & other plants that get bigger and take root so easily from cuttings.
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