bare patches in the "lawn" at our summer place

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    I like to call it a cabin - lol! but it's really a 5th Wheel that we keep in an RV park year round. I have a little yard up there, I usually grow some flowers and a couple vegies in a planter box and a wine barrel. There is a small patch of lawn as well - we raked it all very thoroughly a couple years ago and put some seed down and had a very nice lawn for a year or two, but it's starting to look kinda sparse now. The soil is rocky and the worst part is in the shade of a pine tree. I'm wondering if it would be helpful to bring up a truckload of soil and mow the grass real short and then spread the soil over the top and put some more seed down. I don't wanna get too carried away because I like to chill out and relax up there, not work!
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    Pine trees and grass don't like each other. The soil is too acidic for most grasses and in the competition for water the tree wins and the grass dies.

    To counteract the acid you would need to put down lime according to package directions and repeat frequently as required. Constantly keep the needles picked up. Cut off limbs lower than 10 feet above ground level and thin out the branches of the tree to let in some sun. And frequent and consistent watering to make sure the grass gets something to drink.

    Creating a mulch bed to the drip line of the tree and leave it at that would mean less work and more relaxing when you are there. Pine straw and other mulches are pretty, don't have to be mowed or watered so your stays there would be relaxing.
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