Beautiful long white flower plant. What is it? Answer: Datura. TOXIC & DANGEROUS!

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    pyrenees orientales
    Datura, also known as Jimsons weed is a very common plant all over the world. I get them coming up in my garden often. My wife likes to use the dried plants at the end of the season in dried flower arrangements. I like to pull them out when they are less than an inch high.
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    Your plant looks like Datura, also known as devil's trumpet or moonflower. It's super pretty with those long white blooms! Just be careful, though, because it's toxic, as you mentioned. I've heard it goes by names like Jimsonweed and hell's Bells, too. I hope that helps!
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    It's fascinating that you've discovered a Datura plant in your yard with its striking long white flowers. However, it's crucial to be aware that Datura is toxic and potentially dangerous, so it's essential to handle it with care.
    Given your interest in propagating the plant, it's important to proceed cautiously. You may want to research proper propagation techniques and consider seeking advice from gardening experts to ensure you do so safely.
    If you're intrigued by beautiful floral displays, you might enjoy learning more about super blooms, such as the breathtaking ones seen in California.
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