Black Walnut Tree has damages

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    @Dirtmechanic , I almost never use poisons. My son occasionally uses some Sevin dust around the doghouses. And 2 or 3 years ago, I used some to get rid of the Japanese beetles that killed my last rhubarb plants.

    I do spray around my bedroom windows (Ortho) sometimes to keep out those Asian ladybugs, but forgot last fall and now I have lots of them indoors again. And sometimes a bit of hornet/wasp spray if they get too near the house. Last year I got some traps for them that are not poison, and they really helped. I plan to reuse those this year.

    I almost forgot, I did use some Sevin on my poor pumpkins that were infested with those squash beetles... :( I try hard to keep my place organic, but sometimes it is difficult to do.
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    I use boric acid mainly, because it is good for preserving wood as well as running off the stingers and other nasties. I make lure traps for mosquitoes with it too. My other go to is bifenthrin also because of mosquitoes since we live in the woods.
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