Cat/human communication

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    Researches in the United Kingdom have found a purr-fect way for you to communicate with your cat.

    A recent study published in the online journal Scientific Reports found that cats will appear friendlier and more approachable to humans who use slow-blinking, eye-narrowing facial expressions, which psychologists at the Universities of Portsmouth and Sussex referred to as a "cat smile."

    Sorry researchers. That "cat smile" is actually a smirk. Cats don't want to communicate, they want to give orders that are instantly obeyed.
    We don't have PhD.s but we do have three cats.
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    Our cat is a Russian Blue...very vocal and patient with us as new owners who had to learn his language. I had been told that 'blues' were very talkative and if you pay attention to how they say something life will be very much easier for all concerned.
    We have had Wizard for a little over 5 years now and I think we have finally broken the language barrier....

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