Centipede or St. Augustine?

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    First off, greetings to everyone - I'm brand spankin' new here.

    Secondly, I've moved into this house a year ago just east of Charlotte, NC and trying to identify the grass in my back yard. I've narrowed it down to what I think is either Centipede or St. Augustine, and I feel pretty sure it's actually St. Augustine because of the opposite blade patterns. However, folks around here say St. Augustine doesn't grow here and therefore must be Centipede. It's a nice, established lawn, so whatever it has grown well for at least several years.

    Please look at the pictures and let me know what you guys think, and thanks in advance!

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    Centipede grass is most common in your part the of U.S. because of your climate. St. Augustine requires a more tropical climate. Your local County Extension office website is https://mecklenburg.ces.ncsu.edu/ contact them or take a sample to them for a true ID of the grass.
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