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    We have two families of Grey Jays that we are enjoying this year. One mated pair ( Big Eyes and his Bride), and then the Century, Chick and Hen.

    Big Eyes and his bride are shy, and he has huge black eyes. They rarely eat from our hands but come to the railing once or twice a day and stare at Hubby through the window until he brings out the bird seed buns.

    The Century always flies to the top of the tree and looks out for his two flock members to eat first, then he eats. We've noticed something different about one of his flock but couldn't put our finger on it until recently. Chick has no tail feathers. She still manages, but has difficulty with climbing while flying. She eats most of her bun, before taking a smaller amount than the other Jays to hide in a tree

    We have a Stellar Jay hanging around. ( named Stella of course.) Stellar Jays are beautiful but vicious. They are related to crows, and are super aggressive towards other birds, including the super gentle Grey Jays. We've seen them attack and eat Chickadees and Nuthatches. They will bomb and attack the Grey Jays to take their food, or follow them to their food stash and steal it. They will also search out the Chickadees stashes and eat them. I'm not a fan of Stella. I hope Stella takes a hike and flocks off.

    We are not sure if Stella attacked this little Grey Jay and she lost her tail, or if it something that happened when she was younger. Her flock lets her eat first, and she takes her time to enjoy her bun while we stand guard with the Century, looking for Stella.

    Hubby named her Chick because she looks like she has a chicken bum without her tail. Of course her partner that always lets her eat first is called Hen. :)

    She looks normal from the front.

    Grey Jay.jpg

    Then you see her eating and you notice no tail feathers, and a little chicken bum.

    Grey Jay tail.jpg

    Nom nom nom.jpg

    Hungry jay.jpg


    She's very sweet, and appears to have a close knit family group that look out for her. Hopefully she avoids predators and migrates fine with her little flock when they do.
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    I loved this posting of yours, Mel. Just lurved it! Such clever word choices and humorous ideas and remarks. You are goooood.
    This posting was a bright spot in this otherwise grey and moist day here.

    I have noticed young birds with the same short tail thing.

    “Flock off”….priceless.
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    Those are some healthy looking birds!

    We have lots at the feeder. I keep it in an area where the feral cats have not yet found, and the feeder is too awkward for the big Stellar Jays. The hummingbirds have their feeders too, and are out there a lot.
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