Chinampas: Any thoughts?

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    I'm not sure if anyone is familiar with Chinampas of Mexico and Central America. I have been working on some designs to build a contemporary system that will be based on the ancient cultivation method. I'm coining the phrase "Chinamponics".

    The general concept consists of floating a hydroponic systems on a lake, utilising the nutrient rich lake water to water the system. The artificial systems will either become natural floating islands or remain as barge like structures.

    The advantages of this system would include the:

    • Reduction of excessive nutrient levels found in many lakes, and thus reduce the chances of harmful algal blooms and nitrification.
    • Very small energy requirement for moving the water, cleaner water returned to the lake.
    • Less shading in the middle of a lake allows more exposure.
    • Chinamponics integrated with net pen fish farming has in theory the potential to reduce the acidification in lakes.
    • 80% less use of water than conventional farming, and less energy than conventional hydroponics for water pumping.
    • Water source heat pumps could provide excellent mid-winter heating and cooling system.
    • Systems can be as low or high tech as desired.
    Any thoughts or previous experience would be appreciated.

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