Crape Myrtle, I think I'm killing it with kindness

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    Hi everyone, I found my way to this forum in desperation as my gardening skills seem to be much less abundant in reality than they were in my thoughts.

    I just planted two Tuscarora Crape Myrtles. I have clay/silt type soil and I live in the Willamette Valley 35 miles southwest of Portland, OR. I mixed my native soil 50/50 with commercial top soil and fertilized with granular Start N Grow about 2.5 tbsp mixed in with soil. The tress looked good for a day or so but now I am seeing yellowed leaf tips. Thinking the trees might need water I put on the sprinklers in the afternoon yesterday. Today the leaves feel leathery and are dark splotched and not happy. I will attach pics if I can figure out how.

    I am wondering if the fertilizer is too strong. Should I dig up and replant? The trees are currently about 4'tall and have been in the ground for less than a week. Thank you for any advice you can throw my way.

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