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    I have 2 children of age 20 years and 11 years. The elder one is a boy and the younger one is a girl child. Since there is 9 years of age difference between them, they do not fight that much for silly reasons. The elder one has great care for his sister. As he is very shopaholic he spends a lot of money for shopping clothes and accessories, not only for him but also for his sister.
    The shelves at home are fully occupied with both of their dresses. Now, there is no sufficient space for me and my hubby to keep our clothes. So we are planning to install custom closets in our bedroom. I think wall hung closets will be much better compared to floor mounted because the cleaning or changing out flooring is much easier with this type of closet. There are a lot more advantages of wall hung custom closets. I have heard that they are less expensive compared to floor mounted and can be painted according to the wall color.
    Since I'm a novice in this field, I would like to know which will be the best material for the closet. I would also like to know how deep should the closet shelves be? Please share your thoughts.
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    Space under our beds is often not utilized. So how about this idea?


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