Earth Day, April 22

Discussion in 'Garden Design' started by marlingardener, Apr 19, 2022.

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    With Earth Day coming up soon, we need to think about planting flower gardens that attract pollinators; using less water if possible; and making our gardens, both vegetable and flower, more friendly to birds, insects, and us.
    We have a water catchment system for watering the gardens, plant a lot of native flowers, shrubs, and trees, and try to use as few herbicides as possible (anyone who has dealt with hackberry trees and their multiple offspring knows why we do use the occasional herbicide!).
    Are you going to celebrate Earth Day in some way?
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    Jane I think that the best anyone can do to celebrate that day is to live every day as if it were Earth Day... just like you do.
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    I missed Earth Day. I've been too busy outside and too knackered to think when I've stopped for the day. We've got lots of flowers, shrubs, and bushes for pollinators. We're planning a small flower meadow (mainly because I don't like to mow lawn), if only husband could bring the digger from the boat house and start shifting soil from where he temporarily put it some six-seven or so years ago. We rarely need to water since someone high up likes to keep this part of the country clean at all times. We have a ground elder problem and we occasionally try to poison it. Other than that we try to not use any sort of poison in the garden, tempting though it might be at times.

    Non-garden-wise I use the bicycle instead of the car if I can. We buy clothes and shoes that will last instead of the cheap ones that break after one season. We rarely change furniture, rugs, or decorations unless something gets broken beyond repair. We think twice about lots of things we'd never think about a few years back. I've noticed others are holding back too, but there are still too many out there that buy, throw away, buy new, etc.
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