Fall Berries

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    IMG_20190911_140834.jpg IMG_20190911_140840.jpg Jack in the Pulpit


    Japanese wood peony IMG_20190911_140950.jpg

    More Japanese wood peony IMG_20190911_140959.jpg

    Ditto IMG_20190911_141719.jpg
    Acatea pachypoda, white baneberry. This was a wild flower growing in a shady area at our family farm. 15682317294312377732082717690690.jpg

    Solomon Seal 15682318353887980509561205439856.jpg
    Not berries, but I couldn't resist. Amaryllis bulbs with lobelia IMG_20190911_141705.jpg

    No berries here either but fall blooming Kirengashoma....woodland flower from Japan. This one is still a baby. IMG_20190911_141241.jpg

    Another can't resist. Bottle nosed gentian. Always blooms late in this gorgeous blue. Also dug up from the family farm in Western NY State. I have given transplants of this plant away countless times!
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